Monday, October 12, 2009

Josh Rosenthal - Lonely Together

Josh Rosenthal is about to release his 3rd release in a 4 part series known as the Village Suite. This third EP is entitled "Lonely Together" and is by far the best of the three that have been release so far.

I know I tend to say that Josh's albums are better than their predecessors but it is true. Josh continues to excel as a songwriter and musician.

This album kicks off with the album version of "Amy Please" which I will spare you the write up on it because I discussed this great song one my review of Josh's "Overture EP".

The second song on the album is by far my favorite Rosenthal track "Leave". This song starts out with a catchy riff that reminds me of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's album "Howl". This bluesy song is very strong lyrically reminding us that our problem will not go away just because we do. This is evident in lines like "maybe it's not where I am that hurts so bad, maybe it's not much geography". This song is brutally honest (which is all Josh knows how to write) and is a refreshing song that showcases a new style to Josh's body of work.

The album then does into "No More Lies" which was co-penned with Josh Wilson and offers the guest vocals of Alli Rogers which sound fantastic alongside Josh's voice. This song is about the importance and power of the vows made between a couple, that they will not be broken if the couple takes them seriously no matter what the other person brings in. It is a plea for total honesty between two people and a deceleration of unwavering love. It is a beautiful song and is one of the slower songs on the album

The album picks up again with the song 'You Followed Me". A song about a God who pursues us even when we make the decision to start to walk down our own path. This song has a little bit of a Fray sound in the chorus which is incredibly catchy and is prone to get stuck in your head. This is a great reminder about how great our God is in His love for us. This song is upbeat and a would highly recommend it. This is probably my 3rd favorite song on the album behind "Leave" and "Amy, Please".

The album starts to take a more mellow turn with "Take It Away" which is a song that reminds me of Paul's pleading for God to take away the thorn in his side. This song is one that grows on you with repeat listens. This song is Josh at his most honest and transparent. For those of you who struggle with community or letting people get close to speak truth into your life I would HIGHLY recommend this song for you.

The album closes out with a remake of one of Josh''s older songs "Going Home" which first appeared on his "Anatomy of Healing EP". It is a song about being apart from the one you love and being excited about returning to that person. This version is much better than they original with better recording, production, and an additional 3 years of experience under Josh's belt as a performer.

I can not tell you how great this album is, I can only encourage you to go and buy it tomorrow when it comes out on itunes at midnight EST.