Thursday, December 3, 2009

Josh Rosenthal - The Villages Suites. 10% Off All Josh Rosenthal Merchandise

My friend, Josh Rosenthal, spent the last year developing a series of 4 CDs, ending with a Christmas album that just came out called For a Day (Pictured Below). This album is a perfect addition to Josh's previous Christmas album, Narratives.

The suite of CDs called Villages captures the idea of our need for connection with one another. The Villages Suite culminates with For a Day, an album where Josh spent one day collaborating with different artists for each song.
Each of these albums is fantastic in their own way. Josh has really pulled out all of the stops to showcase his ability to craft excellent and meaningful songs in a variety of styles. He never sacrifices honest lyrics or musical integrity. I highly recommend the album 'Lonely Together'.
He has a variety of Christmas specials online with several CDs and t-shirt combinations. You can purchase them through his online store at He gave me a special promotional code for my friends and blog readers to get an extra 10% off. At checkout use HOWIE to get the discount. This would be a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer idea. Everyone appreciates the gift of good music. You can click on the link here or at the banner at the top of this post.

This is not something I am posting to get some returned favor down the is because Josh is a very authentic individual and a great friend of mine. I could give you stories of Josh's generous and caring spirit, but it is all evident in the music the creates. So please check out his store and pick up a little something for friends, family, yourself, or you pet turtle that you named "Mother".

Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!
To preview his music go to his myspace at:
To purchase his music with my promotional code go to:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Caliente Dog

I know it's been over a month but this is what I have been spending time doing

Monday, October 12, 2009

Josh Rosenthal - Lonely Together

Josh Rosenthal is about to release his 3rd release in a 4 part series known as the Village Suite. This third EP is entitled "Lonely Together" and is by far the best of the three that have been release so far.

I know I tend to say that Josh's albums are better than their predecessors but it is true. Josh continues to excel as a songwriter and musician.

This album kicks off with the album version of "Amy Please" which I will spare you the write up on it because I discussed this great song one my review of Josh's "Overture EP".

The second song on the album is by far my favorite Rosenthal track "Leave". This song starts out with a catchy riff that reminds me of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's album "Howl". This bluesy song is very strong lyrically reminding us that our problem will not go away just because we do. This is evident in lines like "maybe it's not where I am that hurts so bad, maybe it's not much geography". This song is brutally honest (which is all Josh knows how to write) and is a refreshing song that showcases a new style to Josh's body of work.

The album then does into "No More Lies" which was co-penned with Josh Wilson and offers the guest vocals of Alli Rogers which sound fantastic alongside Josh's voice. This song is about the importance and power of the vows made between a couple, that they will not be broken if the couple takes them seriously no matter what the other person brings in. It is a plea for total honesty between two people and a deceleration of unwavering love. It is a beautiful song and is one of the slower songs on the album

The album picks up again with the song 'You Followed Me". A song about a God who pursues us even when we make the decision to start to walk down our own path. This song has a little bit of a Fray sound in the chorus which is incredibly catchy and is prone to get stuck in your head. This is a great reminder about how great our God is in His love for us. This song is upbeat and a would highly recommend it. This is probably my 3rd favorite song on the album behind "Leave" and "Amy, Please".

The album starts to take a more mellow turn with "Take It Away" which is a song that reminds me of Paul's pleading for God to take away the thorn in his side. This song is one that grows on you with repeat listens. This song is Josh at his most honest and transparent. For those of you who struggle with community or letting people get close to speak truth into your life I would HIGHLY recommend this song for you.

The album closes out with a remake of one of Josh''s older songs "Going Home" which first appeared on his "Anatomy of Healing EP". It is a song about being apart from the one you love and being excited about returning to that person. This version is much better than they original with better recording, production, and an additional 3 years of experience under Josh's belt as a performer.

I can not tell you how great this album is, I can only encourage you to go and buy it tomorrow when it comes out on itunes at midnight EST.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


last night we had the privilege of partnering with 7 other youth groups in the Aurora areas and hosted a See You At The Pole rally at New Life.

It was great on several fronts...

-We had over 150 students there to get excited about See You At The Pole

-We kicked off an on campus bible study group to equip and encourage our students to be missionaries on their campus.

-I got to see one of our former students do an incredible job in leading people in worship.

-We got to see God moving among a group of students and seeing what can happen when ministries put down ownership of ministry and start actually doing ministry together.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Even The Strongest Hero

Josh Rosenthal's second album in The Village Suite series released yesterday on itunes as well on his own website.

Much like the Overture -EP this EP is 5 songs, however these songs are just Josh and a guitar. After a string of albums with a full band Josh has brought it back to the simple (although tougher) format of a voice, a guitar, and a microphone.

Even The Strongest Hero is a great album that is worth repeats listens.

The album starts out with "Alone" a up front attack on the John Wayne mentality that is still so prevalent in our culture. Josh creatively and clearly builds up the idea that we were created for community and to purposefully remove ourselves from culture is to go against "what is written on our souls" I actually used this song last night as I closed out our series on relationships, reminding students that all of our relationships are important for our growth in Christ.

The second track "Change" has some creative world play comparing spare change to the change we all desire in our lives, also the idea of a wishing well making us well. This song is a reminder that it is OK to not be OK, it is OK to be yourself. Although it means accepting our faults. This is a simple song with a simple picking pattern, it is not quite as technical as some of Josh's other songs, but still possesses a nice melody that works well with the sound of the song.

Josh then brings it down a notch with "Inside Asleep" which is a honest song about the struggles of living a life of faith when you sometimes feel that Jesus is "inside asleep" much like on the boat in the sea of Galilee. This song is quiet, slow, but full of technical riffs mixed in. This, to me, is vintage Rosenthal and is my second favorite track on the album behind "Alone".

"Better Man" is a solid love song that speaks the truth that any man has felt when they find a woman how is patient with them and shows mercy on more that one occasion.

The album ends with a cover of "Will You Remember Me". I was honestly expecting there to be a little bit of a cheesy feel to the song since it has been used in so many graduation slide shows over the years, but Josh does a great job of making the song feel sincere which is a feat for any song that has been overused in different venues.

It's only $4.95 on I will obviously recommend the whole album. If you are so cheap that you will not give Josh more than $2 of your money then at least buy the following songs...

Songs to Download Immediately:
-Inside Asleep

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baron Batch

As you probably know I am a big Texas Tech fan. Growing up in the great town of Lubbock it was hard not to be.

Well recently I came acoss this nifty little blog that Baron Batch (Texas Tech Running Back) keeps up with. It is great to see a great player who has a great heart communicating this way.

As a youth pastor it makes it even more encouraging to hear this guy giving glory to God and encouraging others in their faith. You would expect a a gifted college athlete to be a little bit arrogant but there is not even a hint of it in his blog. Check out his more recent blog where he encourages us to not be afraid of praying for God to do big things. It is as if he is reading Francis Chan's newest book "Forgotten God" which I highly recommend

Baron Batch's Blog

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Josh Rosenthal - Overture EP

I know I am a little late on this review since the album actually came out last month but it is still worth reviewing.

Josh Rosenthal's "Overture" EP is the first of four volumes in what is being referred to as 'The Villiage Suite" series. This first album offers a small taste of what is to come from each of the next volumes which are set to release once a month for the next three months (vol. 2 which is entitled "Even The Strongest Hero" drops this coming Tuesday, Sept. 15th).

Like each of Josh's albums Overture is more diverse, mature, and better produced than each of it's predecessors.

This album starts off with what might be one of the best songs Rosenthal has written yet "Amy, Please" which chronicles the night that Josh discovered that his parents were getting divorced. This songs features a full band and is a more upbeat tune, especially considering the subject matter. This song has a diverse and changing tempo which makes it interesting to listen to, in a good way. The instruments are well mixed and showcase Rosenthal's talent to peice multiple instruments into a songs while mainting a beauitful sound.

Following this track is the song "All That Matters" which is a song featuring Josh and a piano. This song is from the point of view of a young man thinking back on his grandfather's life. From a musical standpoint it is not the strongest song on the album, but features a simple and beautiful piano piece and still causes the listener to consider the life that they are leaving, this is a challenge for most any artist whether they are a musician, painter, preacher, author, or poet. The lyrics remind me a little bit of a Cormac McCarthy novel put to music

The third track is another stripped down song featuring Josh;s voice and acoustic guirar. It is a song that reminds me of Josh getting back to what drew me to him as a songwriter. Honest lyrics and a guitar. Although this song is less technical than his earlier songs it is still very well crafted. It is a songs about the dangers of being alone and pushing people away.

The fourth track is a cover of the old spiritual "Down To The River To Pray" which is one of the most amazing tracks that Josh has released. The song is sung accapella which seems like it should be out of place for a songwriter who is such a skilled musician but Rosenthal pulls this off in an incredible way. I would put this version tow to toe with Alison Kraus' version any day.

The final track is an acoustic version of "Amy, Please" which is well preformed. I won't spend a lot of time going over this track since I did that earlir in the post.

Once again Josh has release and exceptional album. It is short but still packs a punch and merits repeat listens on my itunes. It is only available on itunes so I highly suggest you get on there and purchase it or else you are just cheating yourself.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Say What You Mean

I feel like lately I have been seeing a lot of "touch feely" talk to advertise what is supposed to be Christian events. I am finding it a bit more frustrating the more I see them.

I understand that "church talk" can turn people off to events or even conversations with people, but at the same time cheesy fluff does the same thing. For example I saw an event on facebook that is hosted by a Christian ministry that stated "I know our hearts have been on some exciting journeys over the summer, come to our bbq so we can discuss the journey of our hearts and how we have been impacted by the events that cross our journeys. Let us all respect each other's journeys and spend the night in conversation".

I have absolutely now idea what they are talking about. Are they saying "we are getting together to talk about what God is doing in our lives"? It seems like that would be a fantastic idea. It is important to discuss what God has been doing in our lives.

I think I am just getting a little weary of the shift we are making from naming the driving force in our lives (Jesus) and instead talking about how we are having different "heart journeys" (this is just an example of it).

I don't say this to gripe about what other's are doing so much as to encourage anyone who reads this to not be afraid to say what it is that is working in your life. Let's put a name to the thing we have put our faith in. Let us not water down the message of Jesus to make an event seem more open than it is. This does not mean just talk as though you are holier than thou...but be real. Be authentic about who you trust in. Let us not be afraid to say the name "Jesus"...even at our "Christian" events.

I feel like we at times can lose the truth of the freedom that is found in Jesus' name. I feel it is summed well in David Crowder's version of "For A Thousand Tongues To Sing" where he writes the extra bridge that says "There are so few words that never get old...Jesus"

Let us content for the faith that has been handed down to the saints (this is from Jude...not as in "Hey Jude" but the book of the Bible).

Anyway, just my thoughts. I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but if I do feel free to make the following statement to me...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Road Trip Music

The key to a good road trip mix is a variety of songs and styles that keep you awake/spur conversation/are funto listen to. Here is a imix I made on itunes. Check it out, feel free to rate it so that more people will see it...this will also help get my friend Josh Rosenthal's name out there. The other music is good as well.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The choice has been made....

Last week I asked what I should buy tomorrow (Aug 18th) and that answer has been found...

I will buy Josh Rosenthal's new album "Overture" which is vol. 1 of the Villages Suite series.

I knew this is what I would buy anyway but to sure up that decision was listening to the new single from that album on Josh's myspace...check it out... Amy, Please. It is fantastice.

I am also going to buy Aaron Hale's new album...he is a friend from the Lubbock days and it will also be available via itunes...I think.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Next Tuesday

We are buying a house which means that I have to cut back on CD/DVD buying and next Tuesday is going to be a hard day. There are three things coming out that I want...

1. Josh Rosenthal - The Village Suites vol. 1
2. Scrubs - The 8th season
3. The Simpsons - The 12th Season.

If anyone has any extra money they want to donate to my fund of getting and of these feel free, in the meantime let me know what I should get first.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Days

So it is has been a good week. We have started looking for a house, the middle school pastor is a week and I am enjoying working with him, I am listening to Danielson, I found the last orange tootsie roll in the office, and tonight is CREW.

I will be leaving on Friday to go on our Senior Escape retreat. I absolutely love this retreat. It is a time to reflect back on the years that these students have been in CREW and talk a bout some of those special moments. We then turn our eyes to the future and plan ways to have more students impacted by those special moments.

It is also another way to remind this next year's seniors that they are the leadership of CREW. It gives them ownership of this ministry and reminds them that they are ministers in their own life and that this is their ministry.

It is going to be a great trip and I am very much looking forward to it.

Please be praying for it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Interview With Josh Rosenthal

I have been blessed with many good friendships over the years. A surprising number of these good friends include people named Josh. Josh Holder, Josh Shetter, Josh Hamilton (ok I don't really know Josh Hamilton). Among this list is Lubbock born singer/songwriter Josh Rosenthal. Josh is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Josh is a great musician, clog dancer, and friend.

He recently asked me to send him a short list of questions answer for a series of interviews he is posting on his blog. I have the interview listed below, or you can follow the link to his blog to read it there with his picture waving above it.


Of all the people I stay in touch with regularly, Jeff Howard (and maybe Zak) have been in the picture the longest.  Jeff has done a lot to give me hope as a performing songwriter/entertainer/blah blah blah.  When he lived in Richardson, Texas he let me play for the youth group of which was in charge.  Now he’s in Denver doing what he does best at New Life Evangelical Free Church.  At my request, Jeff sent over a few questions.
Who/what are your biggest influences when it comes to songwriting? Also, be sure to use the words “banana”, “marsupial”, and “license plate” in your answer.
My number one influence is a group named “March of the Marsupials”.  They were a group of program guys at a Young Life camp I played at in Colorado.  Ghoti Hook’s album “Banana Man” also changed my life in a really anticlimactic way.  I considered getting a vanity license plate that said GO T HOOK.  It was that good.
My other influences are Paul Simon, John Mayer, Grey’s Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance, Salt Lake City sunsets, interaction between generations.
You have had a series of songs that you played live for awhile that never made it to a recording such as “prize fighter” and “trip the light fantastic”, what was your reason for abandoning these songs or will they end up on another recording in the future?

I can’t believe you remember those songs.  I vaguely remember “trip the light fantastic” but “prize fighter” is buried too deep.  When a song doesn’t resonate with me, I figure it doesn’t resonate with anybody so I get rid of it.  If I can’t believe what I’m singing, how can you?  If people are not identifying with my lyrics, then most likely I’ll never hear or see them again.  I think those songs never really attached themselves to my overarching message.
What was the worst date that you have ever been on?

The time you, Zak White and I watched Spice World.  Your mom walked in and really made it awkward for everyone involved.
When we were younger we got together and watched “Spice World” at my house, are you proud of this or are you embarrassed that I brought it up?

Proud/embarrassed.  Proud that I’ve seen a movie that so heavily influenced our culture and my decision-making abilities.  Embarrassed that I had to watch it with you.
There has been a slight backlash to your song “Gotta Get Out” from people in Lubbock. Do you think the backlash was a lack of understanding of the song or jealousy because you got out and they are still there?

Steering clear of that one.
Speaking of Lubbock, which is known for it’s fine eating establishments, what is your favorite restaurant in Lubbock?

I miss Rosa’s most of all.  There’s nothing Tex-Mex in Salt Lake City.  Too bad.
You have a reputation for being a brutally honest songwriter, do you ever feel the temptation to write songs that are not based on truth or your experiences?

Yeah.  Those songs usually don’t last very long.  Like the one’s above, they hinged more on a cool lyric than on a universal emotion or struggle.  Honest songs are the best because more than likely I’m not alone in my struggle.  A lot of people can identify with the way I hurt or the way I celebrate.
What is the best song ever and why?

Good question.  To answer that, I’ll consult iTunes to see the long I’ve listened to the most…
…Looks like it’s “Restless” by Alison Krauss.  26 times in the past few months.  I’ve put that song on repeat because I love the melody and background vocals.  Bigger than that, I love the concept of restlessness.  We all feel it, but only Alison Krauss can sing about it like that.

Thanks for reading the interview and be sure to check out Josh's new albums which will be released periodically throughout the year!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Garage Sale & Vacations

We finished the Garage Sale on the 12 & 13th and it was a huge success. We made a little over $5000 dollars.

Then I skipped town and went camping to recover some, it was a much needed trip and now I feel ready to jump back in and start moving through the summer.

It is amazing what a few days in the mountains with your wife can do for you when you need a little break from the day to day.

I promise my next blog will have something to offer besides a recap of my "doings".

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garage Sale.

I am in the middle of a large garage sale at my church to raise money for the high school ministry.

It is not the biggest that i have been a part of, but still crazy.

It starts tomorrow.

These were taken on Wed., we have a lot more stuff than this now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have just recently started a new series with my students at CREW. On Tuesdays nights we are going through a serires called Splash, and we are discussing what the students can do to make a splash in their worlds.

I am hoping to take a few weeks to discuss what makes us as Christians different from the rest of the world, and how we can use those differences in a way that expresses love and grace and judgementalism or legalism.

So far we have discussed the Resurrection (kind of our Easter thing) and then next week we are talking about having a New Master and no long being a slave to sin but a slave to righteousness.

I plan on having a week where we discuss the gospel and how that is tied into the Great Commission as well as a week that is devoted to helping the students develop what their testimony is and how to tell it to others.

Through the course of studying for this series it has filled me with a sense of urgency in how I approach those around me in regards to how I live out my faith. I am hoping that this series will build on the idea that we are to live lives that are constantly "on mission".

If any of you have some stories of what it has looked like in your life to live "on mission" I would love to hear them. I am hoping to be able to share some stories of other Christians who are sharing their faith with those that they come in contact with.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


On my ESPN bracket I was in the 92.93% for the country. Not too bad, however I was still ranked in the 300,000s in the country.

There are a lot of people that use ESPN for their bracket.

I was boosted since I chose UNC to win it all. Way to go Tar Heels.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Right now I am sitting in a coffee shop waiting for Aaron (the Denver Seminary student I mentor) to show up. I have been working on a book(let) that I am writing for the students in CREW. It is basically a 30 day challenge to spend 30 minutes a day with God.

The book will take the students through then entire gospel of John during these 30 days along with some suggested topics of prayer and some interpersonal questions for the students to think about. I am personally really excited about this challenge and I am praying that we will have many students partake in this. It is my home that this 30 day challenge will be something that will be habit forming (like cigarettes, but in a way that doesn't cause cancer).

If you have any desire to look at this book when I am done with it and possible use it with your group let me know.

It has been challenging for me in how I view Jesus as well as his ministry.

Hopefully the students that do this will end up with a relationship with Jesus that is deeper than ever. That they will grow to trust a Jesus that is not a white, republican, gay-bashing version that is paraded around far too often but rather be challenged by the Jesus that is fully God and fully man who changed teh course of history for his father's glory.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Work & Rest

It seems to me that a lot of the blogs and articles I read about ministry or theology seem to telling us that we have to be working 24/7 in order to make a difference. That if we were to take any time for ourselves that we are sinning or worse being unproductive.

It makes me wonder what these people think of the sabbath.

It makes me wonder what these people would say when it has been proven that those people who take one day off a week to refresh are actually more productive than those who do not.

Taking time to refresh is a crucial part of ministry, if we do not have a day to relax, go hiking, spend time with family, watch a movie, or nap then we are going to burn out, plain and simple.

I have also gotten the impression from some of these writers that if we are not working then we are worthless. I worry about this approach a great deal because Christianity is a relationship with Christ, a relationship that we do not deserve, a relationship that we can never earn. But that is not what is being communicated. We are communicating that if people don't work their butts off everyday then they are not worthy, they are wasting our time. This is fo far from the idea of Christianity and grace.

I think we should all strive to be more productive, to work harder, to do our best, but I do not think that translates into working more often, just smarter.

Let's be careful that the quality of work we do represents Christ, but lets also make sure that the way we work represents Christ. Not the idea that we have to earn something, but the idea we have been given something we can never earn.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top 20 Albums

The other day my friend Michael sent me an email asking me what my 20 favorite albums were. I started typing an email back to him, but I thought I would post them on here so people who seem to have similar music taste to mine might have a few new albums to check out.

You may like these, you may hate these, but here are my 20 favorite albums of all time.

20. Radiohead - The Bends

19. Green Day - Kerplunk

18. The Decemberists - Her Majesty

17. U2 - Achtung Baby

16. Sufjan Stevens - Come On Feel The Illinoise

15. MxPx - Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo

14. Rancid - Out Come The Wolves

13. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited

12. Johnny Cash - Unearthed (box set)

11. Pedro The Lion - It's Hard To Find A Friend

10. Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

9. Johnny Cash - Live at Folsom Prison

8. Bob Dylan - Another Side of Bob Dylan

7. Jimmy Eat World - Clarity

6. MxPx - Life In General

5. Ramones - Ramones

4. U2 - The Joshua Tree

3. Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks

2. Beatles - Revolver

1. The Clash - London Calling

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jimmy Eat World

It has been way too long I know.

A few weeks ago Meredith and I went to see Jimmy Eat World on the Clarity x 10 tour. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of Clarity (JEW's most amazing album to date...and one my top 10 of all time albums) the band decided to play ten shows where they would play Clarity from beginning to end. Lucky for us one of these shows was in Denver.

We showed up at the small venue (The Ogden Theater) in Denver and we were maybe 15 from the stage.

When Jimmy Eat World came out they delivered exactly what they promised. A set that was Clarity from beginning to end. They did not skip songs, they did not jam three or four of the songs in the medley. They just simply played one of the best concerts i had seen in a long time. After the set there was an encore where they played a few songs from Bleed American, Futures, and a couple form the Firestarter EP. It was fantastic.

I think the best part of this concert was that there was not a huge show, it was just them on stage playing their hearts out. When they thanked the crowd for showing up it seemed different than when most bands do it. It is a standard thing to thank your audience but Jimmy Eat World had this sincerity when they did it so you actually believed that they were thankful to the people who loved Clarity.

The tour is over and for those of you who did not get to see it, you missed out. Sorry to be so blunt. If you have never heard Clarity then I suggest you buy it immediately, you will not be dissapointed.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Coming Soon...

So as most of you know I am a huge music nerd. A few weeks ago I listed my favorite albums of last year and now I am populating my list for this year. I have no idea what will be on it but I do have a list of albums that are coming out that I am absolutely excited about.

1. Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP - I already have this one and it is fantastic. I know I just said that I do not know what will be on my end of year list but this one will probably be there.

2. U2 - No Line On The Horizon (3/2/09) - I have only heard the first single which is pretty good (not their best) but if U2 sticks to their tradition of releasing the worst song on the album as the lead single then it should be a good album.

3. MxPx - On The Cover II (3/23/09) - This is my favorite band releasing a second covers album. The album us a 80's theme, but that is misleading. The songs they are covering from the 80's are by bands such as The Ramones, The Clash, U2, Queen, The Dead Milkmen, The Blue Hearts, and The Descendents. This album is going to be awesome.

4. The Decemberists - Hazards of Love (3/23/09) - I love this band. March 23rd will be a great day for me.

These four albums are at the top of my list right now, although there is suppossed to be a new Switchfoot album out as well as rumored new music from Eisley, She & Him, and Brand New.

Anyway, on Tuesday I will try to write about how awesome the Jimmy Eat World Clarity x 10 Tour is.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I know I will probably get made fun of for this...but I like the new U2 single.

I know that a lot of people will not like it because it is the new U2 single and too hyped up...but I still like it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tomorrow Night

I am excited about tomorrow night because House comes back on as well as a new episode of 24.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free iTunes Download

You can win a free iTunes download by simply playing this game. I did this on my Facebook for fun but here in the "real blogoshpere" it is for prizes. What i did is put my ipod on random and then I put the first line from the frist 100 songs that came up. If the song name is in the first line then I will put (...) where the title is.

Whoever can get the most songs will win a iTunes download. All you need to get the song is leave a comment with the number on the list, the artist, and if you have the album it is extra points.

Don't cheat...cause it cheating.

1. Heart carved, tree trunk, (...), a sweetheart left behind
2. Take second chances, everyone deserves it
3. Lately I've been waking to the blueset dawns that I once slept through.
4. (...) we've gotta go, gotta go to Idaho
5. Sheena was a really good friend, a really good friend to me
6. The king's taking back the throne, the useless eed is sown
7. (...) a feeling deep inside
8. Why can't you just admit that you've had it your sick of me
9. Train appeared in town one night, for some of us it changed our lives
10. Charades, pop skill Water hyacinth, named by a poet
11. (...) was buried today, They laid him to rest in a special way.
12. (...) and praise the God who mapped the starts up in the sky
13. Late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal
14. Something is beating on the wall, on the other side
Sally hit the pavement Wineglass in her hand
In the ocean Cut, swim, deep the sky
17. She's got hair like the straigh sea grass
18. A long time ago a crazy dream came to me, I dreamt I as walking in World War III
19. (...) who wishes he would have stayed home
20. Hangin' out with Lars down on 6th street
21. (...) and Ive been bound To the memories of yesterdays clouds
22. You know you've done enough when every bone is sore
You don't know how you feel Are you a dream? Are you for real?
24. Papa's in the kitchen, Mama's in the field
25. (...) this position I've held, it pays my way
26. This song is about a girl who has been off she was dope sick
Well my heart's in the (...) gentle and fair
28. It starts with just a little glance now, right away your thinking abour romance now
29. Receiving department, 3 a.m. Staff cuts have socked up the overage
30. There's no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard
31. Please beware of them that stare They'll only smile to see you while Your time away
32. Johnny and I, we got lost tonight, we got carried away.
33. (...) there's one who delights me Brings me afternoon tea then she leaves me
34. Once upon a time you dressed so fine You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you?
35. (...) keeps on going on
36. I want to go to (...) lay my weary head down
37. Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
38. There ain't no money to by cocaine sugarbabe
39. I felt for sure last night, at once we said goodbye
40. Do me a favor, would you sing this to me slow
41. Faith, you're driving me away, You do it everyday
42. (...) I would really like to tell you, oh my (...)
43. Why I wonder is my heart full of holes?
44. The breath of the morning I keep forgetting The smell of the warm summer air
45. You're repeating me lines that you think I wanna hear
46. Your lipstick is calling, don't bother angel I know exactly what goes on
47. I'm not going to lie, I'm not going to make up my mind tonight
48. I never fell in love, until I fell in love with you
49. Our signals are getting lost in the ether, thats what she wanted
50. It takes a long time to kill a man, 55 years at least
51. if at first you don't succeed try, try again
52. Moving like the fog on the Cumberland River I was leaving on the Delta Queen
53. You say yes, I say no, You say stop, and I say go go go
54. Are you open to open arms?
55. There are places I'll remember (...)
56. (...) when you say good bye (...) when you make me cry
57. At my door the leaves are falling, a cold wild wind will come
58. Well how many times must we go through this, you've always been mind woman I thought you knew this.
59. Slipping and sliding and playing domino Lefting and then Righting, it's not a crime you know
60. You're on your own my little nightmare, you can not stay here it's far too bright for you
61. When you were young you were the (...), and how you built a tower tumbling through the trees
62. Under the floor between me and the door there is a presence that I can deny
63. So here I am with heart in hand, I need to lift it up to you.
64. If your traveling to the north country fair, where the winds hit heavy on the border line
65. Why do I day dream? Why do I get my hopes up at all?
66. My eyes were sad And my fingers were mad As I wrote this letter that said
67. Meeting her was just so unexpected, I guess I was scared of being rejected
68. Wrenched into the world, deanesthetized, Blurry images fight their way through halfway opened eyes
69. They are sick, they are poor, and they die by the thousands and we look away
70. (...) I met you out in the garden
71. Don't believe what you hear Don't believe what you see
72. In the delta sun, down in Arkansas It’s the great god bird with its altar call
73. (...) I know I know, it's serious
74. I'm the failure  I'm everyone's fool And I'm losing my cool at the end
75. (...) drove to town yesterday to pick out a grave
76. What do you call yourself? What did you call me?
77. Can't tell how long you're gone, can't tell how long you stay
78. (...) got his hands in his pockets, staring over at his neighbors knickers down
79. The (...) ride tonight You better shut your windows tight
80. I want to (...) Does it have to start with a broken heart Broken dreams and bleeding parts
81. Go back to sleep now (...) And I'll keep all the bad dreams away
82. Did I slip, or stumble, did I trip cause I know I fell
83. (...) sets a steady hand upon her brow
84. (...) all my troubles seemed so far away
85. (...) what you doing now? what you doing now girl?
86. I fell in love again, all things go, all things go
87. watching terrible tv it kills all thoughts Getting spacier than An astronaut
88. I can change the world (...) make it a better place (...)
89. It's the same outside, driving to the riverside
90. Ain't no talking to this man, ain't no pretty other side (the original artist...not the cover)
91. sunken ships rest upon the ocean floor where i've made my home to dodge the draft once more
92. These break-up songs make sense again and i really wish they didn't.
93. We ain't got no place to go, so let's go to the (...)
94. Soon she will be hammered in what she calls her silly head
95. A thousand times we've said those words, and now I see just what they're worth
96. I woke the dawn, saw horses gowing out the lawn
97. Nice girls, not one with a defect Cellophane shrink-wrapped, so correct 
98. Walking through the cross fire heart Feeling heavy and hopeless
99. well I know I', all alone, I say your name slowly
100. How I taught the weeping willow how to cry

 Good luck!

Crazy Love - Francis Chan

Over my trip home for Christmas I was able to read a couple of books (the 2nd review will be up next week) and I found one of them to be very chalenging and inspiring.

Every now and then there will be a book that will challenge the way you think, or the way you live. A few years ago Blue Like Jazz was a book that challenged the way I thought about my faith. Not that it caused me to intellectualize Christianity and hold to a belief system that has not supernatural in it (some people came to this conclusion, although I have never gotten that from any of Donal Miller's writing.

This year I read a book that is challenging how I live. Chan lays out very basic simple truths that most Christians would claim to believe that have no problem with. However, Chan does what few authors have the guts to do, he makes you question whether you really believe what you say. If we believe a certain way then out behavior has to be effected. In fact just this past Tuesday I challenge our students to question what they believe based on their actions. For example, if a man view pronography he is believing the promise that pronography makes.

In the same way, if we believe the promises of God, we as His people, will behave in a manner that reflects what we believe.

Chan does a great job in this book of fleshing out what it looks like to live our lives with a belief in the promises of God. I would high recommend this to and Christian that is tired of living their life in mediocrity.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Series - Heroes

Tomorrow night we are starting a new series at CREW. This series is going to be working through the hall of faith. Looking at the "Heroes of the Faith", which is why we are calling the series "Heroes". However I would like to have a few clips of the show to play before each session. If you happen to have the DVDs and you are willing to let me borrow them for a few weeks then that would be awesome.

Tomorrow I am talking about the obedience of Abraham.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today is the day that my master plan goes into effect.

What is that plan you ask? To be healthier and drop a few lbs.

I am leaving the office right now and heading home for a killer work out, a quasi-healthy meal, and then to cheer for the Gators.

If you have any good weight loss/getting healthy advice then let me know.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best Albums Of The Year

10. Ray Lamontagne - The Gossip in the Grain.

The lead single might be a little to cheesey, and the song "Meg White" might be awful, but the rest of this album is fantastic.

You Are The Best Thing

9. The Myriad - With Arrows, With Poise

This is actually one of the more "rocking" albums I would recommend. It is very clever and sounds way to good for me to have bought this CD where I did....Family Christians Bookstore.

You Waste Time Like A Grandfather Clock

8. Josh Rosenthal - Narratives

I normally would not put a Chirstmas album in my top ten but this album is incredible. It is Christmas music that you could listen to in July and not feel like someone who should be locked up.

Christmas For Cowboys

7.Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinology

Every album that Ryan Adams puts out grows on me quickly until I absolutely love it.

Fix It

6. Jon Foreman - Limbs & Branches

I mention this album although I would personally recommend getting the EPs and downloading the bonus songs through iTunes. Jon Foreman is incredible.

Your Love Is Strong

5. The Welcome Wagon - Welcome to the Welcome Wagon

Produced by Sufjan. This album will fill that void that you all feel for having a lack of Sufjan this year.

There are actually no YouTube videos of The Welcome Wagon....injustice. Go check them out on iTunes or at

4. Kate Micucci

She does not have a real album but I really like her sound a lot.

Dear Deer

3. Fleet Foxes

I don't even know what to say about them.

White Winter Hymnal

2. Josh Rosnethal - Renaissance

I know he is is on here twice. Not just because he is a friend of mine but because this album is absolutely great. Feel free to hear the studio version of this song as


1. She & Him - Volume 1

Zoey and M. Ward combine to make an album that has a classic sound. A mix of sould, slow 60's pop, and folk. I can not recommend it enough.

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here

I also really like the Bon Iver CD and throught about it being on this list. It would have been near the top (probably 3). and I would have pushed everything else down one.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scrubs Season 8

Scrubs Season Eight starts tonight! I am very excited.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Financial Peace vs. Financial Faithfulness

Our church offers a class where we teach Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University" which is a big draw for a big need. I think that stupid debt runs rampent in this country and we need to be smart about how we spend our money.

Dave Ramsey has offered this as a great tool to help people overcome their debt. I think that the intentions of this are great, but like so many things we have put what I think can be a bad focus on it.

I have want to share what I think are the differences between debts reduction and biblical stewardship.

#1. Do you want to reduce debt to have more money in the future, or do you want to reduce debt so that you can be more generous with your money. This is more than just giving a larger percent to your church, but also to other ministries.

#2. Do you view your savings as a storehouse for your excess for a rainy day or do you view it as a resource that can be used for the kingdom of God. If you feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit to give your money away to the poor or anywhere else are you willing to do it, even if it means giving up your "dream retirement"?

#3. Does "living on less" cause you to sympathize with those who have even less? It is easy to think that we are doing the will of God be simply not making dumb decisions with your money, but doing nothing but saving is also a stupid decision. Jesus talked about this, with the man that built larger storehouses to hold his excess and died that very night.

#4 Is your savings becoming less and less about making sure that you are financially free to do the will of God when he might call you to something different and becoming more and more about a lack of faith for God to provide us with our "daily bread"? There is a very fine line between saving for the future and hoarding your money.

#5 Are you planning for retirement or are you planning for a freer lifestyle to serve God and others? I recently met a pastor who believes that retirement (in the conventional sense) is a sin. I would have to agree with him. I know that the definition of retirement is very wide, kind of like jr. high students who are "going out" when they don't "go anywhere".

I do not say these things to bad mouth Dave Ramsey, quite the oppostie actually. I just worry that we have taken a good thing and twisted it. I do not think that throwing our money away is good, there is a huge difference between giving money away and throwing it away. Jesus taught us to pray for our daily bread, this is a prayer of faith. Asking God to give us exactly what we need to get by, not too much so that we hoard it and grow to have a sense of entitlement, and not too little so that we can't get by.

All in all, I am just voicing this concern in hopes that anyone who reads this will look be finanically faithful and not just think that financial peace is just about saving so that they can have a bright future with all of the money that they saved, but the peace that comes from a life of generosity. To feel the freedom that comes from being able to hold loosely to their money. Spending it wisely so they have more to bless the lives of others as well and not just their own in the future.