Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bible In 90 Days: Day 2

So I have decided to try to make this a semi-regular thing over the next 90 days. I am not promising that I will be posting these observations everyday, but as close as possible I will be...

That being said I hope that these observations can help you to realize all of the exciting things that take place in the bible are exciting and not in the least bit boring.

Observations from the reading for Day 2 (Gen 17:1-28:29):
-God makes a covenant with Abram that involves circumcision
-Abram takes all of his servants to get circumcised, I would not be excited to be one of his servants.
-Abraham laughs when God tells him that he is going to have a kid
-Abraham gets circumcised at the age of 99...crazy
-God and to angels visit Abraham
-A debate of 'did not/did to' breaks our between God and Sarah when she laughs over the idea of having a kid (which is apparently something that Abraham and Sarah had in common).
-God does not display the best bargaining skills when Abraham is pleading for Sodom (50 about about 30, 20, 10)
-The men in Sodom have a MESSED UP welcome wagon going around...(i.e. trying to rape God and angels is not a great way to save your city)
-Lot is willing to give up his daughter's virginity to the men of Sodom
-Lot's wife turns into salt
-Lot's daughters get him drunk to sleep with him...these story lines are better than most soap operas...pretty sure this movie would be rated themes and what not.
-Abraham breaks out with the "wife is my sister" bit.
-A very old lady gives birth to a son.
-She laughs about having a kid again...this time not because of how ridiculous it sounds but out of joy.
-Sarah sends away her servant and the kid she had with her husband.
-When they were out of water God provided a well for them.
-Abraham is willing to sacrifice his only son
-God provides a ram for them
-Abraham's wife dies and he refuses to take land for free
-Rebekah gets a nose ring....'see mom, it's not a big deal'
-Isaac and his wife have two say they had a rivalry is a understatement.
-Their oldest son (Esau) is red and hairy....apparently a leprechaun.
-Esau trades a his birthright for a cup of soup....hope is was good soup hairy man
-Jacob steals the blessing from Isaac.
-The blessing is a beautiful word that would make Shakespeare jealous.
-He steals it my covering himself in goat hairy was this guy.
-Jacob has a tripy dream involving a stairway to heaven...he calls the place "House of God"

If you have never read the Bible all the way through I hope you will join me for it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bible in 90 Days: Day 1

Today I am starting out ona journey to read the Bible over a 90 Day period. Today was Day 1.

I read Genesis 1:1-16:16.

For those who do not think that the Bible is exciting, here is some of what happens in Day 1:

-Naming Animals
-People Fall In Love
-A man writes a song for a woman (first love song written)
-The fall
-First fasion show (made of fig about living green)
-A Game of hide and seek
-People blaming others
-First gospel presentation (Gen 3:15)
-First sacrifice (3:21)
-An angel with a sword that is on fire...sweet!
-Someone becoming invincible (4:15)
-The start of prayer (4:26)
-Lots of baby making
-Someone disappears (Enoch)
-A man is named "Ham"...unfortunate
-Lots of violence around the world (6:11)
-Promise of destruction
-40 day rain storm (must have been in Seattle)
-Everyone but Noah and the animals drown...nust sure why this is a big story in children's church
-First exclimation point in the Bible...right after an olive leaf
-Noah loses his pet dove
-Some of the animals on the ark are sacrificed (which is why he took 7 of those and not just two)
-God promises seasons and harvest as long as the earth endures...which won't be forever
-God tells Noah and his family to make more babies
-A Rainbow
-Noash gets drunk ans passes out naked
-Someone else is named Nimrod...worse than Ham
-God introduces a lot of new languages
-The first construction site gets abandoned (Babel)
-A Great promise is made to Abram
-Abram obeyed immediately
-A famine
-Abram calims his wife is his sister...look like counseling for those two
-Abram and Lot go in seperate directions
-Abram becomes an action hero and rescues Lot
-Abram tries to get a son through another woman...which he does...but that does not sway God's promise to him

I mean seriously....this is day 1. The bible is not boring
89 days to go.