Friday, November 23, 2007

This lane for serial killers only...

After brainstorming with a few friends we cam up with some bumber stickers that serial killers should have on their car.

-Have a knife day.

-My other car is a knife.

-I knived your honor rool student.

-If you can read this bumper sticker...I am standing right behind you.

-Guns don't kill people...quick enough.

Thats really all we have for now. Just thought I would share the funny.


Josh said...

Hahaha - me likey. How bout: "I love the smell of rotten corpse in the morning." or "Manson/Gacy '08"

Katy said...

those are really funny. I like the last two the best... and Bub's Manson/Gacy '08. I will now proceed to quote you on facebook.

peeps said...

those are funny man. here's one: "Dont Mess With Texans who'd love to gut you, boy"