Saturday, September 8, 2007


So I am now a month into this strange world called marriage. We are back in the swing of things and I am loving it. There is still a lot to learn in terms of how to be a good husband, but I will get there. So far I have found out a few things.

-Women have A LOT of stuff in the bathroom. In our bathroom there are four cabinets and two drawers. Meredith uses all but 1/2 of one drawer.

-Apparently dirty underwear on the floor is not "acceptable".
-My idea of clean and her idea of clean are different. (I take the stance that as long as there is nothing growing on the mess then it is clean).

-I have also learned that it does take A LOT of work.

This is not a surprise to me, I knew going in to marriage that it would be work. I love the work though. There is nothing like spending time with my best friend, getting to know her more, watching college football together, and all kinds of other things.

I am starting to see why the bible relates the Christian experience to that of a marriage. It is not all easy. It takes work. There are highs, lows, and a degree of "figuring it all out".

In the midst of figuring it all out it is good to know that we are loved by the bridegroom.
Not a long post, or a deep one. Just some thoughts. I also wanted a chance to put a wedding picture or two on here...

This is us outside of the reception hall.

Me and all of my groomsman.



Anonymous said...

Dearest Jeff. i recently saw an ad on TV saying there are now lights from OKC to Denver, so i have now decided i may invite myself up to see you guys sometime (don't worry not soon, like i could afford to take off work lol). But im glad life and marriage is treating you well. And yes, girls have lots of stuff in the bathroom, because not all of us can wake up being as naturally attractive/good smelling as you are.

In other news, is this out on the porch bit an homage to Starbucks? Because i am pretty sure it is closely related to their summer ad campaign.

<3 kg

Anonymous said...

My dad has been writing a book precisely on point with this blog, I have emailed him the web address so perhaps he could pick up a couple pointers. Fantastic Job.
You nicely summed up the issue. I would add that this doesn’t exactly concenplate often. xD Anyway, good post…