Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Thursday's review...almost a week later.

I have been reviewing to many books lately I though I would shift gears a bit. I recently got the new CD from The Myriad called "With Arrows, With Poise".

The Myriad is the band that won the MTV contest for the next big artist out there. It is cool that they won, since most Christians do not make creative music that is still easily listened to by a large number of people.

So on to the review. I love this album. That is about as easy of a review I can think of. It is a great album that does not sound like every other Christian musician (that being a Eddie Veder sound-a-like voice over the top of Nickleback-esque music...see Todd Agnew).

This album opens with the track "You Waste Time Like A Grandfather Clock" which is a great track that makes me think of playing spades, only due the line "that when we start counting sandbags". This is followed by the track "Get On The Plan" which is slightly more upbeat but still in the same vain as "You Waste Time..."

The third song "Forget What You Came For" starts with a simple piano riff that remind me of Ben Folds...except better. It is a more mellow song that sounds almost like a b-side from Radiohead's The Bends album. This track is followed by the first single "Clean Shot" which has a bass head that defies you to bob your head up and down. This is a fun song that deserves to be played loudly in your car while driving around this summer. I am also partial to this song because it is my ring tone.

"The Accident" begins with a driving guitar which is a little bit different than the majority of these songs. After the first few seconds this songs begins to take shape into a song that is more similar with the others on the album.

"Holiest of Thieves" is a slightly slower track which is also very beautiful. This is a track that can sing you to sleep and also get stuck in your head...which is not good for narcoleptic people...they have enough problems already. The next track "A Thousand Winters Melting" might be my favorite all around track. It is catchy and also recalls images of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardro

"Polar Bears And Shark Fins" is a mix of industrial and piano, which might sound weird, but it is a good song.

The album closes out in a fairly solid format. I could highly recommend this album, it does not disappoint. FYI: If it does not sound great the first time, give it a couple of listens, it is a grower.

For fans of:
Pedro The Lion

Tracks to hear:
"Clean Shot"
"A Thousand Winter Melting"
'Stuck In A Glass Elevator"

Track to skip:
"Don't Let Them See You"


Josh said...

dude - i like the way you review music. I found myself saying, "but i wonder..." and then you would answer my wondering as soon as i thought it - also, i am a fan of midlake and was thinking the other day that i wish i could find more music like theirs - also, the "track to hear" and "track to skip" part is a good idea - also, continue reviewing music, por favor.

Jeff said...

Thanks man. I will keep doing it for you.

I am glad you like Midlake...they are really good.