Thursday, June 5, 2008

Review Thursday-The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment by Tim Challies

I recently finished this book by Tim Challies who is a web designer who hails from the Great White North. Although I have had my difference with Canadians over the years (they try to pawn of ham as "Canadian Bacon"...I'm not buying is to different parts of pig) I was still very fond of this book.

This book does not have a misleading is about the act of discernment which is a discipline that has not been the focus of much attention in recent years.

Challies attempts to engage the reader and spur them on to making discernment a daily part of their lives.

He also corrects the thinking that discerning is a spiritual gift that is given to some but not to all. It is clear throughout scripture that we are to discern what is right and pleasing to God. It is much like the spiritual gift of worship. Some might have been given a musical ability to lead other in worship, but that does not replace the fact that all Christians are called to be worshipers of God in spirit and truth.

In this book the comparison is made between discerning good and evil with discerning counterfeit currency. Apparently Canada is known for three things...1. Maple Syrup 2. Funny comedians (Mike Myers, Martin Short, The Kids in the Hall 3. Counterfeit Money. Sorry, Alanis Morrisette did not make the list.

Although this analogy wears thin at times it still makes a valid point. Sometimes Satan will try to trick us with something that looks and sounds good, but upon closer inspection and comparing it with scripture we see that there may be no good in it at all.

The book is nothing new...but still worth looking into.

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