Monday, March 30, 2009


Right now I am sitting in a coffee shop waiting for Aaron (the Denver Seminary student I mentor) to show up. I have been working on a book(let) that I am writing for the students in CREW. It is basically a 30 day challenge to spend 30 minutes a day with God.

The book will take the students through then entire gospel of John during these 30 days along with some suggested topics of prayer and some interpersonal questions for the students to think about. I am personally really excited about this challenge and I am praying that we will have many students partake in this. It is my home that this 30 day challenge will be something that will be habit forming (like cigarettes, but in a way that doesn't cause cancer).

If you have any desire to look at this book when I am done with it and possible use it with your group let me know.

It has been challenging for me in how I view Jesus as well as his ministry.

Hopefully the students that do this will end up with a relationship with Jesus that is deeper than ever. That they will grow to trust a Jesus that is not a white, republican, gay-bashing version that is paraded around far too often but rather be challenged by the Jesus that is fully God and fully man who changed teh course of history for his father's glory.

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