Saturday, March 28, 2009

Work & Rest

It seems to me that a lot of the blogs and articles I read about ministry or theology seem to telling us that we have to be working 24/7 in order to make a difference. That if we were to take any time for ourselves that we are sinning or worse being unproductive.

It makes me wonder what these people think of the sabbath.

It makes me wonder what these people would say when it has been proven that those people who take one day off a week to refresh are actually more productive than those who do not.

Taking time to refresh is a crucial part of ministry, if we do not have a day to relax, go hiking, spend time with family, watch a movie, or nap then we are going to burn out, plain and simple.

I have also gotten the impression from some of these writers that if we are not working then we are worthless. I worry about this approach a great deal because Christianity is a relationship with Christ, a relationship that we do not deserve, a relationship that we can never earn. But that is not what is being communicated. We are communicating that if people don't work their butts off everyday then they are not worthy, they are wasting our time. This is fo far from the idea of Christianity and grace.

I think we should all strive to be more productive, to work harder, to do our best, but I do not think that translates into working more often, just smarter.

Let's be careful that the quality of work we do represents Christ, but lets also make sure that the way we work represents Christ. Not the idea that we have to earn something, but the idea we have been given something we can never earn.

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