Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Next Tuesday

We are buying a house which means that I have to cut back on CD/DVD buying and next Tuesday is going to be a hard day. There are three things coming out that I want...

1. Josh Rosenthal - The Village Suites vol. 1
2. Scrubs - The 8th season
3. The Simpsons - The 12th Season.

If anyone has any extra money they want to donate to my fund of getting and of these feel free, in the meantime let me know what I should get first.


kimberly said...

i mean you have likely seen Scrubs and the Simpsons, and wouldn't you rather support a friend instead anyway? Besides, if you wait for the DVDs, they usually go on sale.

Jeff said...

of course I am going to buy the Rosenthal album...i am torn on the other two.