Friday, April 11, 2008

Cormac Mccarthy - The Road

I recently took a break from the theology books that I have been reading. I was trying to figure out what to read and then I came across a copy of The Road at the thrift store up the road. It only cost me 75 cents. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I had recently gone to go see "No Country For Old Men" and really liked it. I have become somewhat intrigued with McCarthy and decided that I should give this book a try. After all it did win the Pulitzer Prize, which is literature's Grammy...of course the Pulitzer still has some meaning since they hand out Grammies to anybody that is smart enough to put a half naked girl in a music video to sell a few more units. Way to go Black Eyed Peas.

The Road is about a father and son who are walking across America, not for a cause or to stay fit, but to survive. America has burned. People have become cannibals. Ash is in the air.

Not exactly a bedtime story for little kids, but it is honestly one of the best novels I have ever read. McCarthy's gift for storytelling is amazing. His gift was very clear to me because I found myself caring deeply for these characters, even though their names are never given.

As the story progresses the father and son talk about good vs. evil. They question whether God is still there, or if He has become indifferent to their existence. Although the conversation is very real (which normally makes for boring reading), I found myself sucked in to the story.

These two characters have not made a turn for the worst. They hunt for real food, not attacking those that are weaker than they are to devour them. As the characters put it, they are "carrying the fire". They are holding on to the few things that make them human. The father remembers this old way of life and is fighting to preserve it. Not for the sake of nostalgia, but so his son can hopefully not become animals (like those given to cannibalism).

This book, although set in a hard to comprehend setting, it incredible real and easy to read. Big time recommendation from me. Do not let the fact the is was in Oprah's book club turn you away from it. Also, be sure to read it before they movie comes out, which they recently started filming.


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your blog is the best I've read, and by a a huge margin. It's interesting and informative; two things that rarely go together.

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