Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost Season Finale...and Theories

So last night i sat riveted in front of the TV for two solid hours. It was really great and as usual it left me confused. When thinking about the events of what happened I believe that I have figured out what LOST is all about.

Here is my theory...

LOST has been a set up. They are going to complete the next two seasons and then it will be shown that LOST is simply a spin off of Perfect Strangers.

Here is why I think this...

On the island people from all over show up. I think the next season finale the younger sister from Family Matters will show up. The younger sister that disappeared during the show with no explanation what so ever.

This will show that technically LOST is just a spin off of Family Matters...with the disappearing sister as well as a possible appearance Urkle. This will also be seen when the Dharma Initiative is actually ran by Winslow Industries.

Now as you know Family Matters was a spin-off of Perfect Strangers, however when Family Matters started there were no appearances by Balky or Cousin Larry. My theory is that they are also on the island in another hatch which keeps late 80's TV stars young and fresh.

At the conclusion of the series these actors will be released and Balky and Cousin Larry will move back to Chicago and laughter will begin again.

I know what your up to J.J. Abrams...trying to create the greatest television show sin-off trilogy since Golden Girls, Empty Nest, and that other show about the hospital in Miami. Plus we all know TV needs sex appeal like this again...

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