Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mouse Chronicles vol. 2

Today I found a mouse pellet when i walked into my office. It was right in the middle of the floor. I think it was a message, much like the horse head in The Godfather.

Not only did I see the mouse pellet...I say the culprits. That is not a typo my friends...that "s" belongs on the end. Multiple mice.

After I sat in my chair at my desk I once again saw the blur. This evil mouse ran into my office...under the couch...and then back out followed by another mouse. This only mean one thing...they are organized.

I can not be sure because the move so fast but I am almost positive that they were wearing camouflage pants, black lines under their eyes, carrying walkie talkies, and one of them was making black ops style hand signals with his little disease ridden paw. So needless to say I am afraid of them.

Every time I walk out into the hall I wait for something to strike me. I keep looking over my shoulder afraid that they are sneaking up from behind. What is scary is that I am sure they are watching me type this.

I also never noticed that there are little mouse sized shrubberies in my office. In fact, now that I think about it they are in a different spot every time I look over at them. I am sure they are about to attack but I have an ace up my sleeve...

That is right. The Terminix man showed up this morning and set out traps for those little rodents.

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