Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mouse Chronicles vol. 1

So today I was in my office working on what I was going to tell our graduating seniors this year when I noticed a slight movement to my left. As I turned I saw a mouse run out from under the love seat in my office and out into the hall.

I ran after the mouse but it was gone. My guess is that it went under Dusty's door (Dusty is the middle school pastor). I opened his door to tell him that I was mouse hunting and then I discovered something...

Dusty is terribly afraid of Mice.

Dusty was determined that I either made it up or that it ran down the hall because he could not admit that it might possible be in his office.

I personally know that it has to be in there. I think it is in a corner plotting Dusty's demise or possibly even configuring an advanced mouse repelling system to drop down from the ceiling tiles on Dusty's head.

This was not one of those cute white Stuart Little mice. There is no Michael J. Fox voice over. This was one of those nasty gray mice that probably had all kinds of diseases. However it is good to know that it is in Dusty's office and not mine.

However I do have a loaded air soft pistol in my desk...and Dusty has his blow gun so we are very well prepared for this little rodent to bring it on.

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