Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 blogs in a day...oh ya.

So recently we decided to make T-shirts for our students to wear on Tuesday to advertise and start conversations with other students at their schools so that they can invite their friends to CREW on Tuesday nights.

I really believe that students should take a major role in the creativity of their student ministry. Without this involvement we create a bunch of students who are disconnected from the ministry because they do not feel any form of ownership of the ministry.

What I did was ask the students to submit T-shirt designs for the new CREW T-shirts. After the entries were in I would then bring the shirt designs to everyone in the youth group and let them vote for the T-shirt. The student whose design won the contest would get a free shirt, and the shirts would be student designed.

I asked the students for random things because nothing strikes up a conversation better than random logos. I can tell you that the students delivered.

For those of you who question the creativity of today's students need to look at this design and recognize that it might be random...but it is certainly creative.

Without further ado...this is the design that was decided on.

A peanut eating an elephant...who would have thought? (By the way...the colors are messed up...the peanut and elephant are actually different colors...not sure how to correct that)

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