Friday, September 5, 2008


I hate politics. Church Politics. Government politics.

I am tired of people wearing shirts and using bumper stickers that say "Obama - Our Only Hope"

I would be tired of those people if they did the same thing with McCain. Jesus is our hope...not Obama...or McCain...or a certain political party.

I am tired of politicians who give a bunch of hope filled soundbytes without a plan...and accuse the other party of doing the same thing they are going.

I love watching The Daily Show. I hate people who think it is fair and unbiased.

I hate the fact that politicians familes are the focus of reporters.

I hate the fact that reporters laugh when they are accused of being biased...I don't care that they are...just admit it.

For the record...there are reporters and analystis that are biased on both sides.

I hate the fact that a party that encourages women's rights are making claims that Palin can;t take care of her kids when they have never done that with a guy. A father is just as important as a mother in the life of a young child.

I am tired of Christians who make their decisions based on abortion and gay marriage alone.

I am tired of campaign commercials that highlight the faults of the other (I know it is nothing new...just tired of it). It reminds me of little boys shouting insluts that make no sense on the playground.

I am ready for December.

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