Friday, September 19, 2008

so much to do, such little to prove

Are you rushing around trying to get tons of things done? Is time flying faster than smear campaigns in politics?


Why are we so consumed with working as hard as we can in order to prove our worth. I have a few friends who are convinced that they have to run themselves ragged in order to be seen as worthy of the work they do. This is a short trip to a dead end.

We run around working our butts off and spend almost as much energy pointing to the amount of work we do (I know I am quilty of this as well).

I read recently a quote that said "we are a culture that has forgotten how to be." We feel like if we are not doing then we are not contributing to society, or the organization. If we are not contributing then we are worthless.

This is bass ackwards to what we find in the gospel. It is the anti-do gospel. We are told specifically that it is the grace of God that saves us, NOT OUR WORKS. Why do we still hold on to this idea after experiencing the grace of Christ?

Does it mean we can be lazy? No.

Does it mean we should not work as hard? Not at all.

What it means is that it is ok, and important to breathe. Take a break. Spend some time sitting, not thinking about what you need to be doing instead. Soak up the presence of God.

Perhaps it means that we still work as hard to accomplish what God has told us to accomplish...but perhaps it means that we do not need to spend so much time pointing to the work we do.

I believe if we spent the time that we spend in trying to make people notice the work we do and we just simply used that time to energize, rest, pray, and just be, we would be much better off.

So I say today, we all take a break...maybe an afternoon, maybe an hour, and just be. Listen to the voice of God and enjoy it rather than planning out your next move. I will let you know how mine goes soon.

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