Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best Albums Of The Year

10. Ray Lamontagne - The Gossip in the Grain.

The lead single might be a little to cheesey, and the song "Meg White" might be awful, but the rest of this album is fantastic.

You Are The Best Thing

9. The Myriad - With Arrows, With Poise

This is actually one of the more "rocking" albums I would recommend. It is very clever and sounds way to good for me to have bought this CD where I did....Family Christians Bookstore.

You Waste Time Like A Grandfather Clock

8. Josh Rosenthal - Narratives

I normally would not put a Chirstmas album in my top ten but this album is incredible. It is Christmas music that you could listen to in July and not feel like someone who should be locked up.

Christmas For Cowboys

7.Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinology

Every album that Ryan Adams puts out grows on me quickly until I absolutely love it.

Fix It

6. Jon Foreman - Limbs & Branches

I mention this album although I would personally recommend getting the EPs and downloading the bonus songs through iTunes. Jon Foreman is incredible.

Your Love Is Strong

5. The Welcome Wagon - Welcome to the Welcome Wagon

Produced by Sufjan. This album will fill that void that you all feel for having a lack of Sufjan this year.

There are actually no YouTube videos of The Welcome Wagon....injustice. Go check them out on iTunes or at

4. Kate Micucci

She does not have a real album but I really like her sound a lot.

Dear Deer

3. Fleet Foxes

I don't even know what to say about them.

White Winter Hymnal

2. Josh Rosnethal - Renaissance

I know he is is on here twice. Not just because he is a friend of mine but because this album is absolutely great. Feel free to hear the studio version of this song as


1. She & Him - Volume 1

Zoey and M. Ward combine to make an album that has a classic sound. A mix of sould, slow 60's pop, and folk. I can not recommend it enough.

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here

I also really like the Bon Iver CD and throught about it being on this list. It would have been near the top (probably 3). and I would have pushed everything else down one.

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