Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Even The Strongest Hero

Josh Rosenthal's second album in The Village Suite series released yesterday on itunes as well on his own website.

Much like the Overture -EP this EP is 5 songs, however these songs are just Josh and a guitar. After a string of albums with a full band Josh has brought it back to the simple (although tougher) format of a voice, a guitar, and a microphone.

Even The Strongest Hero is a great album that is worth repeats listens.

The album starts out with "Alone" a up front attack on the John Wayne mentality that is still so prevalent in our culture. Josh creatively and clearly builds up the idea that we were created for community and to purposefully remove ourselves from culture is to go against "what is written on our souls" I actually used this song last night as I closed out our series on relationships, reminding students that all of our relationships are important for our growth in Christ.

The second track "Change" has some creative world play comparing spare change to the change we all desire in our lives, also the idea of a wishing well making us well. This song is a reminder that it is OK to not be OK, it is OK to be yourself. Although it means accepting our faults. This is a simple song with a simple picking pattern, it is not quite as technical as some of Josh's other songs, but still possesses a nice melody that works well with the sound of the song.

Josh then brings it down a notch with "Inside Asleep" which is a honest song about the struggles of living a life of faith when you sometimes feel that Jesus is "inside asleep" much like on the boat in the sea of Galilee. This song is quiet, slow, but full of technical riffs mixed in. This, to me, is vintage Rosenthal and is my second favorite track on the album behind "Alone".

"Better Man" is a solid love song that speaks the truth that any man has felt when they find a woman how is patient with them and shows mercy on more that one occasion.

The album ends with a cover of "Will You Remember Me". I was honestly expecting there to be a little bit of a cheesy feel to the song since it has been used in so many graduation slide shows over the years, but Josh does a great job of making the song feel sincere which is a feat for any song that has been overused in different venues.

It's only $4.95 on I will obviously recommend the whole album. If you are so cheap that you will not give Josh more than $2 of your money then at least buy the following songs...

Songs to Download Immediately:
-Inside Asleep

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