Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Josh Rosenthal - Overture EP

I know I am a little late on this review since the album actually came out last month but it is still worth reviewing.

Josh Rosenthal's "Overture" EP is the first of four volumes in what is being referred to as 'The Villiage Suite" series. This first album offers a small taste of what is to come from each of the next volumes which are set to release once a month for the next three months (vol. 2 which is entitled "Even The Strongest Hero" drops this coming Tuesday, Sept. 15th).

Like each of Josh's albums Overture is more diverse, mature, and better produced than each of it's predecessors.

This album starts off with what might be one of the best songs Rosenthal has written yet "Amy, Please" which chronicles the night that Josh discovered that his parents were getting divorced. This songs features a full band and is a more upbeat tune, especially considering the subject matter. This song has a diverse and changing tempo which makes it interesting to listen to, in a good way. The instruments are well mixed and showcase Rosenthal's talent to peice multiple instruments into a songs while mainting a beauitful sound.

Following this track is the song "All That Matters" which is a song featuring Josh and a piano. This song is from the point of view of a young man thinking back on his grandfather's life. From a musical standpoint it is not the strongest song on the album, but features a simple and beautiful piano piece and still causes the listener to consider the life that they are leaving, this is a challenge for most any artist whether they are a musician, painter, preacher, author, or poet. The lyrics remind me a little bit of a Cormac McCarthy novel put to music

The third track is another stripped down song featuring Josh;s voice and acoustic guirar. It is a song that reminds me of Josh getting back to what drew me to him as a songwriter. Honest lyrics and a guitar. Although this song is less technical than his earlier songs it is still very well crafted. It is a songs about the dangers of being alone and pushing people away.

The fourth track is a cover of the old spiritual "Down To The River To Pray" which is one of the most amazing tracks that Josh has released. The song is sung accapella which seems like it should be out of place for a songwriter who is such a skilled musician but Rosenthal pulls this off in an incredible way. I would put this version tow to toe with Alison Kraus' version any day.

The final track is an acoustic version of "Amy, Please" which is well preformed. I won't spend a lot of time going over this track since I did that earlir in the post.

Once again Josh has release and exceptional album. It is short but still packs a punch and merits repeat listens on my itunes. It is only available on itunes so I highly suggest you get on there and purchase it or else you are just cheating yourself.

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