Monday, March 3, 2008

Behind the times

As I mentioned the other day, I finished Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott. The book was a very easy read and at times almost made me pee myself from laughter.

The book has not direct theme running through it. Each chapter stands on its own. It is written in the "Blue Like Jazz" format, except I think this book came out before "Blue Like Jazz" so I guess "Blue Like Jazz" was written in the "Traveling Mercies" format. In face you could say that I am behind the times in reading these books. Who wants to read a review of a book when the author has had two new books come out since.

Of course all of those issues of Mad magazine and those Calvin and Hobbes books aren't going to read themselves.

In reality the book only has a few really challenging idea and perspective throughout the book but this should not keep you from reading it.

You also might find that Lamott is a little rough around the edges and does not sugar-coat anything. This, for me, is very refreshing. There are times where her rawness comes across as endearing and challenging and then there are time where it comes across like someone slipped some metal shaving into your hand lotion.

For simplicity sake I have made a list of things in the book. If you like more of these things than dislike then you should read the book. If you dislike more that you like then go ahead and pass it up. Maybe you can get a copy of some Rachel Ray cookbook.

Things in "Traveling Mercies":
-A lot of stories about people with cancer
-Drug use
-A mother that is very crazy about her son
-A.A. meetings
-Trips to Mexico
-Pro-choice comments
-A story about a man beating a dog
-A story about building a sand castle
-Birthday parties
-A female pastor
-A cover
-A dedication page
-Black print
-"About the Author"
-A bar code
-A Bob Dylan reference
-The price in America
-Table of contents
-The price in Canada
-An end

There you go. After you have taken the time to sit down and ask yourself the tough questions you can decide whether the book is for you.

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