Friday, March 28, 2008

Suicide Road Trip (pt.1 of 2) "I'm going to Jackson"

Right now I am writing this in a basement that belongs to my friend Andy's parents. This basement is connected to a house that is located in Jackson Missouri.

Andy and I left this morning at 2:30 (MST) and got here at 6:00pm. We made this drive to pick up a dog that Andy's sister and brother-in-law are giving him. Since I am such a good friend I agreed to come wit him so that he would not be alone for the trip.

We are leaving tomorrow morning and driving back to Denver.

Then I will got to bed and get up to teach twice on Sunday.

I am a good friend.

Thus far on our drive the following has occurred:
1-We ate lunch at Taco Bueno (there are no Taco Buenos in Denver...this was a big deal for me-in fact it is like a man getting to hear the Clash when he lives in a town that only plays Nickleback.

2-We saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile. This is always a great sight that inspires grown men to begin making jokes that are on par with most jr. high maturity levels.

3-We almost got in a wreck. There was a wreck. It happened quickly. Due to my cat-like reflexes i was able to point towards that car that was moving at 70mph just a mere second before and was now at a stand still in the middle of Interstate 70. Because I was able to point so quickly Andy had adequate time to stop before hitting the back of the car.

4-I discovered the magic of XM Radio. The magic of XM Radio is that any given time you can find a song from R.E.M. on at least one station.

5-At one point we saw what we thought was a break in the flat lands of turns out that is was just a grassy area that had not been mowed in awhile.

I will write more thoughts after we get back to Denver. Then I will have experienced everything I did today but backwards, and with a dog.

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Shet said...

you need to live here - you and that woman you are living with