Thursday, March 13, 2008

Best of 2007

So it is now half way through March and it is about time to let you know of my favorite things from the year of 2007.

Favorite Movie: Juno

This movie was beyond fantastic. Full of hilarious, sarcastic quips. Even though this movie is a comedy, it has a message, that message...Rainn Wilson is funny even in a 2 minute part.

Favorite Album: Radiohead - In Rainbows

I bought this album with the slightest bit of skepticism but it by far exceeded my expectations. It is awesome.

Favorite TV Show: Scrubs

Although this was a close one, it won out due to the fact that it made me laugh harder than any of the others that were in the running. The Office started out slow and was just getting in stride when the strike hit. My Name Is Earl was a really close second because that show it funny and if you do not agree then I do not care for your opinion. 24 was a slight disappointment last year and now I have to wait till January 2009 for the next season. House has not been quite the same. Friday Night Lights has always sucked and if you like it then you probably also listen to Nickleback. Lost and Jericho should also get shout outs because i do enjoy those.

Favorite Book: Rob Bell - Sex God

This book was really well written and made you think. I also really enjoyed The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne but it was a little to "hippie" for me.

Favorite Video Game: Mario Galaxy

This game is very addictive. I highly recommend it.

That is all. I hope you check out all of these are realize that I am right.


The Llanes said...

you are out of your friggin' mind to think Friday Night Lights sucks! and NO, i don't listen to nickelback.

It is one of the best shows out is it that it got signed on for a 3rd season after fans sent in football to NBC. Not to mention most major sports columnists love it too and encouraged everyone to watch so it wouldn't get canned.

You my friend have might need to listen to nickelback b/c i think you might actually like them. ;)

Jeff said...

Did you like the OC? Cause if you did I can see why you would like this show.

It is the same show except with the occasional football footage.

The Llanes said...

Nope, i did not watch the OC.
However, i get the feeling you have not watched more than one if at all one epi of FNL. i said...if it has been brought back for a 3rd season after it was on the chopping block...that alone stands for something.

Jeff said...

Actually, I gave it 5 episodes in the first season and I even tried it again at the beginning of this season.

I just don't think it is a good show.

Just because something almost gets canceled and then is brought back does not make it a good show. Look at The Apprentice. There have also been really good shows that got canceled to early like Arrested Development and Love Monkey.

jdmerx said...

jeff, did you play rock band? galaxy is fun...if you have no friends and are forced to play a game by yourself.

you shoud have gone with the group game. it definitely rawks!

I agree with Scrubs!

The Llanes said...

to each his own...b/c i don't like scrubs anyway.

Jeff said...

thats true. Different stroke for different folks...and what not.