Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christmas 2009

For those of you wanting to know what to get me next Christmas I have your answer...

Finally a music video game worth buying...sorry Metallica...I guess you will have to take your overrated music elsewhere.

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kimberly said...

True story on the Metallica comment. And i am stoked about both the Beatles game, and AC/DC rockband.

i like your thankful to people blog... and who wouldn't thank George Clooney? He is incredible [read incredibly attractive].

Also, your note about Tech FB made me giggle. But... at no point in this season do i remember your freakin punter deciding to take an audible on FOURTH AND SIXTEEN FROM YOUR OWN THIRTY YARD LINE and deciding to go for it... as that happened when we were playing Mizzou. i thought of Mere this past weekend (you should let her know), it was the first time ever i had to route against Texas... and i would be lying to say i wasnt heartbroken. My condolences to you for this upcoming Saturday. i have a feeling she is going to come out ahead. And then the next week, we too will shut you down. It's happening.

Okay, that is way too long to be a comment. Hope you and your wife and Costello are doing well <3 kimberly