Wednesday, October 22, 2008

out of the stands

In a move as crazy as a soccer mom possibly becoming vice-president of the county, Mike Leach has found a new kicker.

During half time of the Texas Tech/UMass game a few weeks back there was a contest for free rent if someone could kick a 30 yard field goal. Apparently Matt Williams, a transfer student from Tarleton State, nailed it. Before finding his seat Williams was flagged down and told to come to Leach's office the next day.

Due to poor kicking (6 missed PATs so far) Williams might be kicking for the Red Raiders this Saturday against KU.

Next thing you know there will be a Golden Retireiver playing basketball, with movies made about his life. I bet they call them all "Air Bud" event though the phrase "air" is best applied to basketball only. Nothing says hockey like "Air Bud".

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Isaac said...

now that is a 12th man!