Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jakob Dylan - Seeing Things

Almost everyone knows Jakob Dylan, even if they don't know that they do.

Jakob Dylan (formerly of The Wallflowers) has recently released his first solo project called "Seeing Things". We all know his voice from those 90's hits "One Headlight" and "6th Ave. Heartache" This album is a very stripped down version of Jakob. The songs are just acoustic with some light percussion in the background.

I always enjoyed the Wall Flower's music, especially as they stopped being played on the radio and developed a little more of an alt country feel. So I had high expectations when I got this album.

Dylan's songs, both in sound and lyrical content, remind me of a Cormac McCarthy novel put to music. The are songs that deal with depravity, despair, and in the end hope.

I really enjoy this album, but I do wish that there was a vinyl version of "Seeing Things" available because the songs sound as though they were meant to be on vinyl (much like Jon Foreman's EPs which I just found out today are coming out on vinyl, oh happy day!).

This album is definitely worth the listen, however I would recommend that you go to itunes and give it a listen just to make sure you like the acoustic psuedo-country feel.

Tracks to listen to:
-Valley of the Low Sun
-All Day and All Night (not great lyrically, but the feel reminds me of a Johnny Cash song)
-War is Kind
-Something Good This Way Comes
-Up On The Mountain (I am not sure what this song is really about, but it reminds me of Jesus)
-This End of the Telescope

Tracks to skip:
-Evil is Alive and Well
-I Told You I Couldn't Stop

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