Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jesus quotes

So in a few weekd (starting in Nov.) I am doing a new study with my students called "Who is Jesus?" which is designed to answer some doubts of current students as well as some of their friends at their schools or work places.

It is a five week study looking at five different areas of Jesus' life. This will hopefully be a good study.

I named this study "Who is Jesus?" and not "Who was Jesus?" to imply that Jesus is alive and well, and living in Mexico. Ok, so maybe Jesus is not living in Mexico (and yes that is an Audio Karate reference).

I was wondering if any of you (my faithful reader...notice it is not plural....so this means you) had any good quotes about who Jesus is from different celebrities, or theologians. It does not have to be correct...in fact it would be great if it was not.

Just to let you know the five weeks are based on the following topics:
Week 1 - Is Jesus God?
Week 2 - Was Jesus a man?
Week 3 - How did people know that Jesus was coming?
Week 4 - Did Jesus' mom have to be a virgin?
Week 5 - Why did Jesus come to earth?

Anything relating to these topics would be greatly appreciated. Mucho Gracias.


Josh said...

looks like you read Vintage Jesus and will use some of the quotes he used - it's a good book

L&A said...

I already put Vintage Jesus on my Christmas Wish List. Not that I will be getting anything this year since now that Ella is here the grandparents will just want to spoil her. :) I can't think of any quotes but will let you know if I do.

Eric Ortiz said...
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Eric Ortiz said...


has all the answers to your basic well pointed questions

Jeff said...

thanks Eric