Thursday, November 20, 2008

Death By Love

I just got through reading Mark Driscoll's new book "Death By Love." This books is a collection of letters written to individual people and explores a situation in their lives and then applies the work of Christ on the cross to their lives.

I found this book to be very creative and well written. I think everyone knows at least one person who is going through some of the events mentioned in this book.

If you know anyone who has ever been, abused, raped, has a loved one who has cancer, addicted to pornography, been angry with someone, addicted to drugs, is not a Christian, is searching for God, hurts themselves, or is the son of a pastor then you will find that this book has some great theological ideas that can be shared with those individuals.

At times I did find this book to be a little repetitive. I know that these letters are supposed to stand on their own, but I think that putting the same ideas, stories, illustrations, and scripture in several chapters can be quite boring.

I am not sure I would recommend this book to read cover to cover, but I would highly recommend it to pastors and counselors who would like a great, biblical, resource to take people to who deal with any of the above problems. In addition to some great thoughts and truths from scripture, the book also contains some very cool artwork to introduce each chapter...just check out these samples...

These letters are written with a lot of love and a lot of truth, which is how I hope my ministry is seen by those I talk to. I could see myself writing letters very similar to these to a multitude of people over my future years of ministry. Although, I am not sure that I would write a letter to my two year old son that weighs the options of limited atonement, unlimited atonement, and unlimited limited atonement.

So if you have the means, and would enjoy this resource then you should definitely look into it. If you are interested in learning more about this book on Amazon just click the book cover at the top of this post.

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Katy said...

I've been wanting to read this, and since you recommend it to counselors specifically I will read it. If you hadn't said counselors I would've passed.