Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hurt - Chap Clark

This book came out when I was in seminary and I never picked it up until fairly recently. Although this book is not what I would call "A page turner" it is full of practical and real advice on how to reach out to this broken and abandoned group of students that are walking through their adolescence every day.

We are a society that, I believe, has abandoned teenagers. This is why teenage stress is at an all time high, it why they put in more hours for school and homework than most adults do for their jobs.

If you work with students in any form, or desire to work with students, or work with people who work with students, you need to read this book.

I seriously can not recommend it enough.


jeremy zach said...

glad you liked it. did you attend Denver seminary?

what chapter did you find most fascinating? did you disagree with anything?

Jeff said...

I personally liked the sports/extra curricular chapter. I think that is where a lot of my students are having trouble.

I did not attend Denver Seminary, I actually went to Southwestern.

I really did not see a lot that I disagreed with since it was largely a case study book and not a theology book. However, I do think that there was some hinting at presenting students with a small theology, and more of a fun student ran ministry. I let my student have a lot to say in leadership, but we don't water down biblical truth for it.

chap clark said...

NOT a page turner??? You've got to be kidding... dang, that was my goal!

(Just joshing ya, Jeff; thanks for your notes... we've got an update coming out in May - "When Kids Hurt")

All the best as you walk with kids and families in his name.


Jeff said...


I think it is because I am a simple person who needs a story and some explosions... ha ha.

I am excited about the update. Hurt definitely changed a lot of my approach to student ministry.

Thanks for your work on it!