Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Late Links

This past weekend was pretty crazy, Coldplay on Friday night, crying myself to sleep on Saturday night because of those stupid Sooners.

So anyway, here are the links to the 1st and 2nd installment of Zak White's thoughts on debt...Tuesdays are crazy so I plan to comment and give my thoughts tomorrow...as well as a review of the Colplay concert and how I eneded up being in arms length of Coldplay.

Zak - Debt #1 - You Need A Plan

Zak Debt #2 - Tax On The Poor

I will probably only discuss the first blog since the second one is an article from Dave Ramsey. Plus the article from Dave makes me terrified of snakes, bees, and electric chairs.

Don't play the lottery...if God wants you to win then a winning ticket will blow through your opend car window while driving.

That is how i I do it. I don't buy tickets...I just drive with the windows down.

P.S.-Be praying for Zak's brother in law...he was involved in an accident and his arm was crushed in some far equipment.

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