Thursday, November 20, 2008

Debt and piggybacking

My church, New Life EFC, has been very outward focused in a lot of the ministries that we run. It is something that we all as a staff have been very passionate about.

With the state of the economy and the fact that there are credit card commercials saying that we are a "nation of consumers" and that there is "nothing wrong with that", our church has been very focused on sharing true biblical principles about debt. I have loved it. We have offered a variety of programs to help people to get rid of their debt (not manage it...but kill it).

I have never been a fan of debt, even though we have plenty. Now that we are looking to get our first house I see the importance of getting out of debt quickly. Although out debt is unavoidable (student loans) we are still wanting to get it taken care of quickly.

Not all debt is "bad, immoral debt" but it is never good to live under debt.

With thinking about this topic I decided to piggy back and to post links throughout the week to my good friend Zak White's blog. He is going to be spending his week talking about debt, and he has some great thoughts on the subject.

I do believe that a lot of debt is more than just a finanical issue, or a way to pave the road to happiness and more possessions later in life, but it is a theological issue. So anyway, here is Zak's first blog introducing the subject: Zak White - Debt Kills


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